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Exit Arcadia, Christopher Leitner, Technische Universität Graz

I710/ I105 # more than infrastructure, Alexander Gebetsroither, Technische Universität Graz - WINNER

Hofgemeinschaften, habitats in newly interpreted regional typical farmyards, Patricia Porsch, Universität für Kunstlerische & Industrielle Gestaltung

CONG(L)OMERATE, Diplomatic Mission in Brazzaville and Kinshasa, Julia Klaus, Lukas Lederer, Technische Universität Wien - HONOURABLE MENTION

Explorative Synergy, The diversification of pedagogic concepts , Stephan Ritzer, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Rehabilitation of shopping center Zapruđe, A New Public Space, Irena Bakić, University of Zagreb

Home Sweet Slum, László Gábor Soltész, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Repercussion, Visions of our future, Zsuzsanna Péter, Anna Petrovicz, Széchenyi István University

Learning from Jerusalem, Teresa Radler, University of Liechtenstein

Alp Ark 041, Alp House-Centre for the preservation and promotion of Alpine Values, Laurentiu Stancu, University of Liechtenstein

Museum of Civilization, Lenka Petrakova, Slovenska technicka univerzita

Bath Resort In Tržič, Eva Hlebš, University of Ljubljana

Reurbanization of brownfield area, in the case of the Railway museum of Slovenian railways and industrial zone at the Kamnik track, Anita Marković, University of Ljubljana

Two-level truck terminal in the port of Koper, Jure Šuštar, University of Ljubljana

Islamic Religious And Cultural Centre In Maribor, Anja Patekar, University of Maribor

[Tokio] music centre, Saša Jagrič, University of Maribor

House of remembrance, From National Socialism until today, Michael Münzer Münzer, Technische Universität Graz

Field Recordings from the No_Place, Altering the Perception of Wilderness and Wasteland through Exploratory Devices, Sylvia Baumgartner, Universität Innsbruck

A Bus Terminal for Vienna, Madlyn Miessgang, Technische Universität Wien

The Dissolution of Common Ground, Peter Mears, University of Applied Arts Vienna - WINNER

New Croatian Zagorje Country side, a house for pumpkins Goats and People, Mario Kralj, University of Zagreb

Town Swimming Hall in Krapina, Nikola Brlek, University of Zagreb

algae bioreactor, Abel Balint, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Cifra-mill, Built Heritage Centre, András Tóth, University of Pécs

Radio Kootwijk, Vladimir Sergeev, University of Liechtenstein - HONOURABLE MENTION

Legal / Illegal Architecture, Shipping museum and service, Juraj Slivka, Vysoka skola vytvarnych umeni, Academy of Fine arts and Design

The memory of the city, Quarry - an intervention in the urban space, Andrea Leitmannova, Slovenska technicka univerzita

Landscape in film and film production techniques, in landscape architecture, Danijel Mohorič, University of Ljubljana

Tennis Arena in park Tivoli, Jon Šinkovec, University of Ljubljana - HONOURABLE MENTION

Use of spatial potential at denivelation of railway tracks, in the area of Litostroj, Mojca Črnič, University of Ljubljana

Jugomont / Juhumont, Urban Regeneration of Jugomont Neighbourhood in Maribor, Jernej Borko, University of Maribor - WINNER