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integral sustainable concept for a two-storey school building in earth and bamboo
The proposed school building for the NGO Anajo has an experimental nature and should work as role model for rural areas by the use of ecological materials. Together with Anajo an integral sustainable concept was elaborated, focusing on social, economic and ecological development.

The usual local concrete-frame and brick construction is equivalently replaced by a two-storey Earth-bamboo construction. These available and almost costless construction materials should be brought closer to the local population and establish themselves in the local building culture. This two-story school building illustrates through contemporary design that ecological materials are full-fledged, modern and cheap building materials. A simple module system allows the reconstruction with little financial effort. The simplicity of the construction and joints are feasible with simple tools and should enable a replication.

Part of the project is the teaching and development of knowledge about the use of locally available resources and techniques in a social context. Through a participatory approach unemployed laborers will be integrated and supported and their career prospects enhanced by improving professional skills.